At OSA we believe that the best design process is a mix of the old and the new. All projects still start with a pen and tracing paper as this allows for quick sketching of initial concepts from mind to paper. However the days of large scale hand drafting are behind us and projects quickly progress to digital 2 and 3D drawing. We use an integrated design process (IDP) which integrates all disciplines and building elements into one cohesive digital 3D model. In essence, this model is the complete building in digital form and becomes the basis from which we produce the drawings which will be used to build the home.



Provides accurate images / visualisation of proposed designs to clients

Aids understanding of project for all stakeholders & consultants

Allows resolution of all building elements prior to construction

Coordinates structural, mechanical, plumbing

Aids more accurate construction coast budgeting

Increases understand of scope of works for trades and aids

Ability to pre-manufacture building elements from model